Monday, February 25, 2013

Three Forces that bring ALL Leaders DOWN

Jesse Jackson, Jr. (right) indicted on campaign fund fraud
Scandal in politics, corporate America, the workplace or anywhere else where men and women work in proximity to each other is nothing new. It's been around since at least biblical times. King David had one of his loyal soldiers killed because David slept with his soldier's wife and David didn't want him to find out. King David's son Solomon had 300 wives and 700 concubines. Solomon started worshipping other gods which led to his down fall. Yet both men were great intelligent leaders.

It's also a well documented fact that may American politicians have had affairs, are having affairs and probalbly will continue to have affairs. President John F. Kennedy. President Lyndon B. Johnson. Senator Ted Kennedy. General David Patraeus. President Bill Clinton. Presidential candidate Herman Cain. Former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich and the list goes on and on and on. Times change. Technology changes. But men don't.

Affairs and scandal occur so often that I'm surprised that's it's even news. Who cares? Really? Now Jesse Jackson, Jr., the son of famous civil rights leader Jesse Jackson, Sr. is in the spotlot for spending $750,000 of tax payers money for items ranging from Bruce Lee paraphernalia, furs capes to stuffed animals.

Jackson had an affair before. This time it's more serious He spent Uncle Sam's MONEY. The American public will forgive you for an affair if you come clean but the Uncle Sam will not forgive you for not giving him his share of HIS money. I'm sure Jackson hasn't done anything no other politican hasn't done: Mishandled tax payers money for thier own benefit. He just got caught.

There are three forces that bring down ALL men in leadership positions: Power, Sex and Money. Or a combination of the three. As a leader, you're entrusted with so much power and leverage, I believe many men (or women) just can't seem to handle it. It's got to be extremely difficut to fight human nature. It's like being the older brother and you're left in charge to watch the kids while your parents are gone. You can do whatever you want and tell other what to do. But you have the liberty not to follow the rules until someone snitches on you or either you get caught.

It's one of those situations where absolute power corrupts absolutely. Who watches over the campaign funds? Who or what can stop campaign spending abuse from happening again? If I had millions of dollars at my disposal, it would be like the fox watching over the hen house. I'm not saying that Jackson isn't at fault but I fault the system as well. If there are no checks and balances on monitoring the campaign funds, then you can't be surprised when a politician reaches his hand in the cookie jar.

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