Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What's the big Deal about Leading? Everyone does it right?

Everyone is leader. One way or the other, we all influence someone in some way. Positively or negatively. Some people are naturally better leaders than others. Some people can command more followers than others. And some people even develop leaders. Leadership styles and techniques may change but when it comes down it, leadership is leadership. Whatever form and way leadership comes, it will always be needed.

There are more terms regarding leadership than I can count. There is transformational leadership. Leadership development. Leadership training. Servant leadership. Mentor leadership. And the list goes on and on. But at it's core, all leaders do is give his or her team the tools and the knowledge they need to succeed. 

The type and style of leadership that a leader decides to use depends on many factors. Leadership style usually depends on the type of work being performed, the type of workers performing the work and the conditions in which the work is being performed. But it's still influencing human behavior.

The biggest issues when it comes to leadership aren't the ideas or the vision. It's always in the execution. Some of the biggest mistakes I've seen in leadership are not disciplining bad followers, choosing not deal with problems, and passing work off to others because of workers who don't do their work. When this happens, morale decreases and the TEAM falls apart.

Although everyone lead or influence people in some way, it's HOW we lead that separates the exceptional from the average leader. Sure, anyone can lead. But to effective, you have to have a vision, have people to help you carry out that vision. And lastly, you have to take care of those people who do the work. This is how the vision is carried out. Sometimes when carrying out the leaders vision, changes have to be made. Changes in schedule. Budgeting. Resources. And people changes.

Even children lead. We see them lead on the playground. In the schools. At the dance and even at home. They influence one way or the other. For good or for bad.

Leadership is not complicated. Dealing with people is usually the complicated part. Dealing with people means dealing with feelings, perceptions and personalities. No one ever said leadership was easy but for leadership to be effective, you need the right people in the right roles.

Leadership styles may have evolved but leadership is needed nontheless.

What are some of your opinions or insights into leadership? Do you think it's changing? Do you think it's changing for the better? Give your feedback and comments.


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