Thursday, March 7, 2013

25 Ways To Win With People Chapters 11-15

Thought I would continue sharing John C. Maxwell's book on leadership. Hopefully, you got some value out of the first 10 chapters I shared with you. And hopefully, you're using the principles and examples shared in those chapters. Today, I will post the next five chapter on developing and sustaining relationships with people.

Winning with in business starts with people

Chapter 11 - Share a Secret With Someone
  1. Sharing a secret means giving valuable information
  2. Sharing a secret makes people feel special
  3. Sharing a secret includes ohter in your journey
Chapter 12 - Mine The Gold of Good Intentions
  1. Believe the best about people
  2. Set things from their perspective
  3. Give people the benefit of the doubt
  4. Remember people's good days, not their bad days
Chapter 13 - Keep Your Eyes Off The Mirror
  1. Focusing on others can give you a sense of purpose
  2. Focusing on others can give you energy
  3. Focusing on others can give you a sense of contentment
Chapter 14 - Do For Others What They Can't Do For Themselves
  1. Introduce others to people they can't know on their own
  2. Take others to places where they can't go on their own
  3. Offer other opportunities they can't reach on their own
  4. Share ides with others that they don't possess on their own
Chapter 15 - Listen With Your Heart
  1. Focus on the person
  2. Unclog your ears (distractions, defensiveness, closed mindedness, projection, assumptions, pride)
  3. Listen aggresively
  4. Listen to understand
I found these five chapters to very helpful and useful when dealing with people. I hope you do as well. If you haven't read the book yet, pick up a copy at your local bookstore or online. It's a to-the-point, easy to understand read which I'm sure you will enjoy. Give me your feedback on this book. Tell me what you think.

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