Thursday, March 28, 2013

5 Ideal College Degrees for Future Leaders

Future college grads may consider degrees focused on leadership
 Do you see yourself as a leader, but feel like you need a qualification to back up your ambition? If so, you may want to consider enrolling in a degree program that places a large emphasis on developing advanced leadership skills.

Gaining such a qualification will give you the essential skills and knowledge necessary to qualify for many leadership positions while at the same time helping you to create powerful connections with both present and future leaders in your field.

To get the best start in your leadership career, consider one of these 5 top degrees for future leaders:

1. Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership

An organizational leadership degree is exactly as it sounds, a degree program that teaches you how to effectively organize and lead a team toward success. Students will study workplace psychology, advanced leadership strategies, how to write and speak powerfully and persuasively, all while honing their critical thinking along the way. Perhaps the most specific leadership degree out there, this program provides leadership skills required for holding management positions, boosting the value of your resume.

2. Bachelor’s Degree in Management

Another great degree for ambitious future leaders, a bachelor’s degree in management, trains students how to successfully manage and motivate others. Students can expect to complete courses in strategic leadership, management, finance, technology and marketing. Another bonus of this degree program is that students will be able to graduate prepared for entry level jobs in a wide variety of fields including retail, sales, marketing and human resources.

3. Master’s of Business Administration (MBA)

If you already have your undergraduate degree and want to take your education to the next level, definitely consider a master’s of business administration (MBA). Completing an MBA can help you land high paying leadership positions and make invaluable connections with some of the top players in your field. An MBA will usually allow you to choose a specialization, which can include leadership specific concentrations such as international management and operations management. For an impressive and advanced leadership qualification, it doesn’t get much better than an MBA.

4. Bachelor’s Degree in Communications

To be a successful leader, it’s imperative that you have strong communication skills, both orally and written wise. Strong communication skills are essential for both motivating and leading others, which is why a bachelor’s degree in communications can be a great choice for future leaders. With a communications degree, you’ll learn how to deliver powerful and memorable speeches, communicate successfully on a one-to-one basis and learn how to write persuasive copy.

5. Bachelor's Degree in Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurs are far from being lone wolves; they need to know how to get others excited and motivated about their start up endeavors and projects. A bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship will train its students how to find and recognize profitable business opportunities and build a successful business from the ground up. Students will graduate with the essential knowledge they’ll need to create their own enterprises and businesses.

Consider one of the above degrees to help you reach your full potential in your leadership career. Good luck!

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