Saturday, March 16, 2013

Essential Ecommerce SEO Tips

SEO is what every internet business need and without it he can not do. So, all truth about getting ecommerce works in next 21 tips. Follow these simple rules and you will see how improve your progress. 
1.      Avoid duplicate content
Create original content for your product pages – DO NOT use supplier content.
2.      Remove thin content
A low quality page is one that offers little value to the end user. For example it has just a few lines of text.
3.      Social buttons
Have interactive social buttons on every product page.
4.      Increase stickability
Use as many different technologies as possible at your disposal and optimize for each one. Using video, content and images can increase your online visibility, site stickability.
5.      Logical navigation
Make sure your navigation allows the search engines to find all your pages, don’t just leave it up to your site map.
6.      Consolidate URLs
Ensure pages are not duplicating by having multiple URL access points (for example mypage and
7.      Attractive design
 Ensure your design is attractive – this helps build visitor trust, inbound links to stick and helps to convert more users into sales.
8.      Avoid keyword stuffing
Don’t try to stuff every possible search phrase for each product into your product page titles – it will have a negative effect. Use natural titles that include the main words/phrase for that page.
9.      NOINDEX low value pages
Use meta information to NOINDEX navigation pages with no value. If you just have pages with links to products allow the search engines to follow them but not index them otherwise these will reduce the quality of your website.
10.  Consultation
Get the SEO consultant involved before the website build starts as it could save you a lot of work and money.
11.  Clean your code
Ensure your code is squeaky clean. No crawl errors, broken links, links to images that have been removed, validation errors etc.
12.  Regular website audits
Perform regular website audits to check for any potential onsite issues.
13.  Quality links
Create content that attracts relevant, high quality links.
14.  PPC
Use PPC along side organic SEO – you can’t rank number one for everything. By having a strategy that utilizes both PPC and SEO you will gain maximum results. If you want to do great job – content
15.  Avoid complacency
Do not underestimate how much time and money gets absorbed by an Ecommerce platform. If you want to do a great job – content, links, blogs, social media, design, audits, development etc. all take time and time is money… (you can build in great strategies to help this grow with the amount of sales you have to make it manageable, the key is to build a strategy.)
16.  Moderate user generated content
Make sure people can review products and the content goes on your product pages – great free content (but make sure you moderate it!)
17.  Competitor research
 At the very least track your main competitors to ensure you are closing the gap, not losing ground.
18.  Add fresh content
Adding new content at least monthly can vastly improve your ranking.
19.  Long tail
Ensure any long tail keywords are adapted into your product pages.
20.  Variety
Make your H1 tags and titles different.
21.  Quality control
Last but not least always think about maintaining and improving quality at every step of the way.

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