Friday, May 3, 2013

How To be An Impactful Leader in Your Community Part 2

This blog is actually a continuation of my previous blog (How To Be An Impactful Leader). Basiscally, what I said in my previous blog and what I want to say in today's blog is that LEADERSHIP doesn't have to be so grand that everyday people like you and me have to be intimidated or overwhelemed by it. Everyone is a leader on some level. You can impact someone or an entire community with the influence you have now. Great things can be achieved by small undertakings.

Take Richard Turere, a 13 year old boy in Kenya who merely wanted to solve a problem in his community: To stop lions from eating his family's cattle. He wasn't a chief in the village, a politican or a rich business person. However, his small and ingenious idea made life better for his family and his village. And because of that small thing, he is relatively well known.

The second video I wanted to discuss today was a gentleman who lives in South Central Los Angeles. There is a lot of poverty, vacant buildings and vacant lots. And to compound issues in this poor community, there is a lack of fresh food. So Ron Finley, who calls himself a guerilla gardener plants fresh vegetables in vacant lots, medians and curbs to beautify the city, provide fresh food and for fun in a community where there isn't enough fresh food and too much fast food.

His small circle of people along with his leadership will hopefully catch on and make an impact in other urban areas where similar problems of poverty, lack of fresh food and too many fast food restaurants. I challenge you to listen to his amazing story and see how small leadership is making a huge differenc.

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