Thursday, January 17, 2013

6 Principles of Success that will Increase Your Leadership Part 2

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Keys To Successful Leadership
As a leader of your business, work, or family, you must apply success principles. Whereas facts change, principles never change. Principles are no respecter of person. They apply the same to every situation and everyone. For example, the principle of gravity applies to anyone – no matter how intelligent you are, how rich you are or how physically fit you are. If you go on top of a building and jump, the principle of gravity will take place. That’s the same in leadership or any other aspect in your life. In the last blog, I mentioned the first three principles of success – purpose, plan and passion.

Principles of Success in Leadership
Today, I will mention the principles of people,  persistence and prayer:
Principles of success
Principles of Success requires small steps

Principle #4: People - In order to be successful in anything significant in your life, you need people. God does not want you to accomplish your dreams by  yourself. Because people are vital in you achieving your dreams, it's important to keep company with people who also have dreams. Being involved with people who don't have dreams will cause you to lose sight of your dreams. Also, it's important to keep company with people who will talk you into your dreams not out of your dreams. Be careful who you hand pick as your friends or business partners.
Principle #5: Persistence - Whatever you were born to do will not be given to you on a silver platter. Whatever you were born to do or your purpose will be hard even thought what you want to do is simple. What you want to achieve or get is usually locked behind closed doors. It's up to you to remain persistent and going out and getting your dreams. Cannot accept "NO" for and answer.
Principle #6: Prayer - Prayer keeps you in communion or communication with God. It's important to keep in commune with the person who gave you the dream. Keeping in communication with God revives you when your reserves or energy get low or when you grow tired trying to achieve your dreams. Need prayer to be successful but if you follow the principles outlined, success is Guaranteed!

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