Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What Separates Leaders from Followers

Attitude Makes a Leader a Leader

When someone decides to go embark on any endeavor, whether it’s to start a business, earn a degree, or complete a project, there is one key aspect of the business that is vital to the success of that business. It’s called leadership. And what is leadership anyway? There are many definitions for leadership but in a nutshell, leadership is the capacity to influence human behavior.

Leaders think differently than followers

Usually when we think of leaders or leadership, most of us think that leaders have to the most educated, the smartest, the most qualified, the biggest, the tallest but actually none of these attributes are necessary to be a leader. To illustrate this point, let’s use the lion as an example. The lion is considered to be the king of the jungle. Let’s look at the lion. The lion isn’t the tallest animal in the jungle. The lion isn’t the smartest animal in the jungle. The lion isn’t the heaviest or strongest animal in the jungle. However, the lion is still the leader. If the lion doesn’t need all or any of these attributes to be considered the leader, what makes the lion the leader? One word: Attitude. The lion is the leader because he thinks differently than the rest of the animals in the jungle.

Leaders have a different attitude than followers

Leaders think differently than followers. “An army of sheep lead by a lion will always defeat an army of lions lead by sheep.” Sheep are followers. The quality of the masses or an organization is determined by the leader. As business owners, whether you own a network marketing business, affiliate marketing business or a traditional business, the success of your organization is determined by the quality of leadership in your organization. If you want to improve the quality of the organization, you have to improve yourself. To improve yourself, you must improve your attitude. What is attitude? Attitude is the way you see or perceive yourself in relation to others and the world around you. Attitude is a product of your beliefs. No one can can live or achieve beyond the limits of his or her beliefs. Your life,  which includes your business, your relationships, yourself is affected by your attitude. Your life and your business is what you think it should be. If you want to change your life and your business, you have to change your belief system.

What makes a True Leader?

What separates leaders from “true leaders” is the way they think about situations or their perceptions about certain situations. For example, true leaders don’t have “problems.” They see “problems” or situations as opinions or opportunities. True leaders never have problems. As we continue to work our business, let’s elevate our attitudes and our belief systems. Let’s be true leaders by changing the way we see things.

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  1. Perfectly said--attitude is everything. A different perspective or attitude is the key thing which a leader possess. You can see everywhere the person who comes forward first to handle a difficult situation is not the most intelligent person or not the most good looking person. They have the unique quality which automatically comes from them. And what I think is the leaders are not made, they are born. However, if someone is made as a leader, he can't survive for long time.