Thursday, February 14, 2013

25 Ways To Win with People by John C. Maxwell - Chapters 1-5

Must read for leaders who work with teams
If you're going to accomplish anything of significance, you need people. You cannot do it alone because anything of significance will be too overwhelming to accomplish alone. You have to learn how work with and win with people. Surprisingly enough, you don't have to do anything spectacular or grandiose to win with people. Winning with people is doing a lot of little things consistently. Winning with people is an everyday thing. It has to become part of you. In fact, the WINNING has to start with you.
Over the next five days, I will be summarizing several chapters each day of John Maxwell's book entitled,"25 Ways To with People." I will share with you the most important nuggets of information I found when I read the book. I hope you enjoy the helpful points in the book I will be sharing and I hope it encourages you to pick up a copy of the book. It's a great read. Lots of helpful information that doesn't take a whole lot of work to implement.

Chapters one through five starts with yourself. Here are the five chapters:
  1. Start with Yourself
  2. Practice the 30-Second Rule
  3. Let People Know You Need them
  4. Create a Memory and Visit it Often
  5. Compliment People in Front of Other People
Chapter 1: Start with Yourself
  • Starting with yourself - If you want to win with people, you've got to be a winner yourself  - or at the very least be on your way to becoming one. 
  •  You've got to start with yourself - if we do not form a winning character, we are sure to lose with people. 
  • You cannot be happy without being healthy - Not only to you have to be physically happy, you have to be emotionally happy. 
  • You can't give what you don't have - To get the best out of others, you have to be a winner or become a winner.
  • How to you become a winner - Being a winner comes down to one thing: your value.
  • Recognize your value
  • Accept your value
  • Increase your value
Chapter 2:Practice the 30-Second Rule
  • Within 30 seconds of a conversation, say something encouraging to a person. 
  • The 30-Second Rule Gives People the Tripe-A-Treatment - All people feel better and do better when you give them attention, affirmation, and appreciation.
  • The 30-Second rule gives people energy
  • The 30-Second Rule Instills Motivation 
  • What does MOTIVATION do?: Motivation helps people know what they should do and do it! Motivation helps people know what commitment they should make and make it. Motivation helps people who know what habit they should break and break it. Motivation helps people who know what path they should take and take it. 
  • Motivation makes it possible to accomplish what you should accomplish
Chapter 3: Let People Know You Need Them
  • The secret to getting people join a team is letting them know that you can't do it without them.
  • What does a dream allow you to do?: Give up at any moment all that I am in order to receive all that I can become. Sense the invisible so I can do the impossible. Trust God's resources since the dream is bigger than all my abilities and acquaintances. Continue when discouraged, for where there is no faith in the future, there is no power in the present. Attract winners, because big dreams draw big people. See people and yourself in the future. 
  • People need to be needed
  • People need to know they need people.
  • People need to know they are needed.
  • People need to know that they helped.
Chapter 4: Create a Memory And Visit it Often
  • Take a initiative - Make something happen - Memories don't find us, we find them. If we are intentional, we can make memories.
  • Set aside time to make something happen.
  • Planning - Plan for something to happen - Most people don't lead their lives, they accept their lives.
  • Creativity - Find a way to make something happen.
  • Shared experiences - Make somethihng happen together.
  • Mementos - Show that something happened.
  • Relive the memory - Talk about what happened.
Chapter 5: compliment People in Front of Other People
  • People want to feel worthwhile in life.
  • A private compliment turned public, instantly and dramatically increases in value.
  • Compliments increase in value when we value the person who gives them
  • Compliments affirm people and make them strong
  • Compliments in front of others are the most effective one you can give.

John C. Maxwell - Leadership Guru
Would like to receive your comments and feedback on this book and author so far. Hope you get your hands on a copy of this book. As you can see, lots of great information for leaders who work with people.