Friday, April 26, 2013

Recently Promoted? Five Tips for Team Leadership

It is the goal of every worker to get promoted at least once in their career. However, what do you do if this is your first management position? What are
Team Leadership is essential to leadership success
some ways in which you can lead your team in a way that will make your subordinates want to follow you?

1) Assert Your Authority

As a new manager, your team may try to take advantage of your inexperience. However, you have to take steps to ensure that they know that you are the boss. Establish clear expectations for your workers from the first day that you assume command. This will cause everyone to fall in line behind you. However, try to be tactful and show respect to your new team, and not make too many changes all at once.

2) Get to Know Your Employees

Take some time to get to know your employees as individuals. Get to know what they like, what they dislike and what their goals are. Once you get to know your staff, you can create an environment that allows them to be as productive as possible. 

3) Empower Your Workers
There will be times when your employees will want to put their own spin on things. For example, a worker may want to merchandise products in a different way than the store typically merchandises products. Allowing your employee to make that decision without having to consult you first will cause that person to take pride and ownership in his or her work. Just make sure they know how much free reign they have, so that no conflicts arise.

4) Be an Advocate for Your Team Members
The members of your team are more likely to follow you if they know that you have their back. This means that you give them days off when they need them, go to bat for them if upper management has an issue with their performance and generally take care of their needs. If you earn the respect of your people, your people will always do what you ask without question. 

5) Always Be Willing to Do Their Job When It Gets Busy
At some point, your crew will be faced with an especially busy day. In this case, you will earn a lot of respect from your team if you jump on the floor to help them out. If you stay stuck behind your desk while your workers struggle to complete orders, you will seem lazy and out of touch.

As a new manager, you have to earn the respect of your workers. In some cases, you may be working with people that you were on equal footing with just yesterday. However, you cannot play favorites or give preferential treatment to your friends. Instead, you have to create clear expectations for all of your workers while empowering them to do a better job each day.

This article was written by Aubrey Phelps, a writer for Utah Colocation. In her spare time, she goes hiking in Utah and spends time with family.

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