Monday, May 20, 2013

You Have To Have Winners on Your Team

Even in the NBA, it takes more than a star win a championship
Leadership is simpler than we make it. When you think about it, we understood leadership even as kids. Remember choosing players for a pickup game of basketball or backyard football? Who did you choose? You chose the best players who could help you win. If we understood this as kids, why do we make leadership and teamwork so difficult as adults?

As children, we understood we can't win by ourselves. You not only need players to help you win, you need the best players available to help you win. The same is true with sports, business or any other venture that takes a team to win.

As I watch the NBA playoffs, there is a constant theme I keep hearing from the ESPN Analyst. "You have to have a surrounding cast on your team." No mater how great of a player or leader you are, you're not going to win in sports or in life without a supporting cast to help you win.

Kevin Durant has been scored 40 points the other night and has only rested 15 minutes since the playoffs began. You can see that he's obviously fatigued and his body is wearing down. He's doing all he can in his power to win but each night he's apologizing for another Oklahoma City Thunder loss; despite a great individual effort. Without one of his main teammates, Russell Westbrook, the Thunder lose the series four games to one.

As great as Carmello Anthony of the New York Knicks is, they will likely not make past the second round in the playoffs. When a leader scores just about all of the points and takes all the shots, that means the other teammates or supporting cast aren't able to contribute enough to win long term. This not only applies in sports but in business as well.

Even the "Basketball God" himself (Micheal Jordan) did not win championships by himself. He would score 30 and 40 points a night and even scored 69 points against the Larry Bird led Celtics one night. But it wasn't until Scottie Pippin, John Paxson, Bill Cartwright and Coach Phil Jackson did team success come.

So why do leaders try to do all the themselves and be Mr. or Mrs. Everything and wonder why they struggle at their businesses or careers? Everyone has to play their position or role and you hopefully you're zen master or know a zen master to lead the organiation.

What's your opinion on team work or leadership? Would like to hear your thoughts on this article.

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