Monday, January 14, 2013

How To Develop The Leader That's Trapped Within You

Leadership PhilosophyEveryone may not know how to define a leader but most people know a leader when they see one. Leaders seem to just stand out somehow. They stand out on the playground, in the boardroom, in the classroom and on the football field. And we always seem to hear their names no matter what business or arena they’re involved. As I stated in the previous blog, “Spirit of Leadership,” leaders just seem to have a different attitude and a different way of thinking. That’s what separates leaders from followers. Why do leaders have a different attitude?

Leader’s Attitude is determined by their Philosophy

Leadership SpiritEveryone has a philosophy. What is philosophy? Philosophy is your way of thinking. Leaders are leaders because they have a different mentality. In business for example, leaders not only want to be successful, they want to bring others with them. Leaders have a get-it-done-no-matter-what mentality. They don’t take “NO” for answer. The perceive or see no as “not yet.” And everyone of us have these qualities.
Every human is a leader that is untapped. Leadership just needs to be cultivated in the proper environment. The goal of leadership is to release the hidden leader in every follower so that the followers will eventually become leaders. Here are philosophies of true leaders:
  • True leaders want to build leaders not maintain followers
  • Measure themselves by how much they become unnecessary to an organization or business
  • Based on how the organization functions in their absence not their presence
To become a leader, everyone has to go through a process. What is this process? Take the Jesus’ disciples for example. They went from fisherman, tax collectors, doctors and common villagers to world changers. They left their villages and professions to follow Jesus. So you have to leave the familiar. You may not necessarily move from you current city or town but you will need to try something different. Become a business owner instead of an employee.

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