Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How Leadership Development Principles will make your business grow

In order for your business or your organization to grow, there must be effective leaders within that organization. And it starts with the man in the mirror - you. Although there may be some people who have been born with leadership potential, they must first go through a learning process to BECOME a leader before they can BE a leader. They must  develop these six principles to become a successful leader:
  • Purpose for their lives, businesses or organizations
  • Passion for whatever purpose they have in their lives
  • Plan for achieving the purpose or goal they were created to fulfill
  • People skills - have to be able to relate to people in order to be able to manage people. Nothing significant can be achieved alone
  • Persistence - whatever  your goal or purpose is, leader has to know it will not be achieved easily. Must have the tenacity to hold on
  • Prayer life - Because God is the one who created the leader, the leader must consult the manufacturer to know his or her goal and purpose

Leadership Principles are the keys to being a successful Leader?

"Success is based on obedience to principles. If you follow principles, success is guaranteed." Actually, principles were created to make life simple and easy. If there are no principles, life and leadership is basically an experiment. What are principles? Principles are the law(s) established to create the environment to successfully produce of the product. Principles are truths that never change unlike facts. Principles stay the same. Humans were born to live according to principles or truth not facts. Facts are the description of the present state of things. We as humans and leaders were not born to live by facts.

Leadership  Principles and your Success?

Unlike what contemporary culture says, success has nothing to do with money, food, clothes or wealth. Success is doing exactly what you were born to do. And the key to success is learning the principles of God. When you read the bible, we as leaders and followers of God, should read to learn principles not facts.

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